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Dark Tower: Treachery #2

Posted: Thursday, October 9, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Peter David, Robin Furth
Jae Lee, Richard Isanove
Marvel Comics
Issue #2 is the deal sealer; Iíve officially fallen in love with Dark Tower: Treachery. Even with the preexisting knowledge of the two mini-series that came before it, Treachery continues to build background and depth into my favorite characters of Mid-World, which has been an absolute blast to follow month by month.

Much like The Long Road Home, Treachery focuses a lot of its attention on Alain and Cuthbert, Rolandís ka-tet. While the over-arching plot focuses on Rolandís twisted path from boy to man, itís nice to see the creative team behind these comic series really open up the history of Mid-World and make it even deeper than King was able to depict in his original novels. Itís also nice to know that you can follow these mini-series perfectly without ever opening one of Kingís novels, making these comics perfect for me and my usual hard-headedness when it comes to trudging through just pages of text.

I also want to acknowledge a mistake I have made in past reviews where I said all the writing was handled by Peter David. While David handles the actual scripting of character dialogue and the fantastic narration, which for some reason was even more engrossing than normal this issue, it is Robin Furth who has been the un-credited spirit behind this entire project from the start, so I wanted to remedy that. In past reviews I have credited her with only being a consultant to the series and writer of the back-up sections but the truth is that she gets the ball rolling with every issue. She is the reason every issue of Dark Tower has great characters with fantastical settings and intense dramatic weight. This issue of Treachery also includes an interview with Robin detailing the entire creation process. Itís a great interview and much appreciated.

Jae Lee is also a major reason why these Dark Tower books continue to be so epic. His moody art gives the series a tone reminiscent of a dream or, in some cases, a nightmare. He has been so consistent since beginning that Iím really surprised he turns out art like this within a monthís time frame. He puts a lot of artists in this industry to shame, even those that have eons to finish an issueís worth of work. Jae Lee has a style all his own and it blends perfectly with Furth and Davidís writing to visually bring the Dark Tower universe to fruition.

The Dark Tower comics continue to be one of the best $4 values in the entire industry and issue #2 of Treachery is no different. An intriguing character introduction with a clever spin on the gunslinger motto plus great character development for the existing cast as well as two awesome supplemental pieces involving the Dark Tower world: there is a lot to enjoy here.

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