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Final Crisis: Revelations #3 (of 5)

Posted: Friday, October 10, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Greg Rucka
Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion (i), Nei Ruffino (c)
DC Comics
ďBiblicalĒ is a great word to describe Final Crisis: Revelations. It works not only to explain the literary tone of the series but also its grand scope. Revelations has continued to build with each issue making it almost seem like there isnít a ceiling to Ruckaís house of ideas. We have the arrival of Anti-Life, the rebirth of Cain from Bible lore, and the abandonment of God himself. But it seems that each new issue raises the stakes one notch higher and itís a testament to Ruckaís skills as a writer to pace this series so perfectly, slowly revealing his grandiose twists and turns. Itís also awesome that he accomplishes all of this with a story focused on two characters he is responsible for developing: Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen. Itís a great way to insert these second tier characters into the thick of DCís latest event and get them some much needed exposure outside their niche fan base. They definitely deserve it because there arenít many comic characters that actually grow and develop over time. Rucka has done such a superb job with these two over the last few years and Revelation is just an extension of that growth set to a backdrop on the grandest scale.

Not only is the scope of Revelations awe inspiring, but the themes Rucka chooses to explore make this book a much deeper super-hero comic than most of the stuff youíll find on the shelves. Vengeance, mercy, free will, destiny, and revenge are all extensively covered by Rucka in Revelations and he spins them so naturally into his story, making it seem like the characters from this DC Comic belong in the original bible. To some degree, I wish they were.

But even though this is Renee Montoya and Crispus Allenís show, the standout star of this monthís installment is Radiant, the spirit of mercy. Not only does she deliver some great speeches that help forward the overall plot involving the destiny between the Spectre and Cain (Vandal Savage), as well as poetically narrate the contents this issue, but she also gets some much needed character development outside of her origin. Consider me sold on her character and the dynamic she shares with her antithesis, the Spectre.

Philip Tan, oh Philip Tan, where have you been buddy? Iíve raved about this guyís art since this series started and he continues to prove he is has the talent to be the next big thing at DC. His use of heavy shadows cast a desperate and dark mood on the entire series which fits perfectly with Ruckaís grim script. I demand this man continue to work at DC once Revelations wraps up. Hell, Tan and Rucka should just continue the story spinning out of this book and I would happily slap down my three or four dollars every single month. These two make quite the pair.

I wish a lot of comic readers that arenít enjoying the main Final Crisis series could look past the trade dress of Revelations and give it a shot. Itís one of the most epic series I have read in years. The writing, story, and art are so good that this series could have been the main Final Crisis mini-series and I would have been just as happy. It definitely has the sense of epic a DC event should. There are just so many things working correctly for Revelations that cracking open each issue when I get home from the store is an absolute joy. Canít wait to find out what happens next.

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