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Lone Ranger #14

Posted: Monday, October 13, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Brett Matthews
Sergio Cariello, Marcello Pinto (c)
Dynamite Entertainment
Some may be surprised to see such a fluctuation in ratings. I've been handing out two silver bullets to previous issues on a regular basis, but with this issue Matthews rapidly changes the pace and hopefully turns things around.

The Ranger and Tonto investigate a serial killer stalking the women of the Old West. The pair begin to brand their legend to the minds of the innocent, and the Ranger's inspiration protects young Dan Reid from his fear.

Matthews constructs a subtle fair-play mystery. The clues, expertly planted by Cariello, are everywhere to be seen by the observant reader. I'll give you a hint. The choice of focus in each panel is purposeful.

By the end of the book, the Ranger and Tonto waste no time, for a change. They mount up and head off into the next chapter to extract the killer from the populace.

Apart from the mystery, Matthews further characterizes the heroism of the Lone Ranger. The scene where the Ranger visits a little girl who survives her mother's death is sweet. The simplicity of the Ranger's promise as well as his treatment of the little girl at once charms, feeds the somber mood and instills hope.

I was getting ready to drop The Lone Ranger from my subscription list if Brett Matthews continued his decompressive padding. This far more compact issue looks to usher in a promising change.

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