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Spooks: Omega Team #2

Posted: Monday, October 20, 2008
By: Geoff Collins

Larry Hama
Adam Archer, Nick Bell (c)
Devil’s Due Publishing
Having been unimpressed by the preview for Spooks: Omega Team and never having read the original mini-series, I wasn’t expecting much from this. But it was a fun read. The concept is very similar to Wetworks where a government defense agency is put in charge of fighting off mythical creatures like vampires and werewolves. I didn’t like Wetworks which says a lot because I’m a big fan of its creator, Mike Carey. However I do like Spooks.

In this issue they are chasing Lilithu, which in myth is similar to a succubus but is more connected to Lilith myths. Basically, it's a demon-woman who lures men to their death using sex. In this comic, she’s half owl and can shape shift. Though her boobs are literally hanging out in most scenes, Lilithu here is just going around killing people, not so much seducing them. But she does lure a couple kids to their deaths with promises of candy and a magic show.

Included in the chase is a creature that she was dragging around with her until it woke up in an Istanbul morgue. The Omega Team doesn’t refer to him by name at all, as they’re just discovering his existence at the morgue in the opening scene. There is only one clue given as to the basis of the creature, when the creature says, “I am the root of legends! There are some who called me…the Lord of the Flies!” To research the creature, you have to get around all the information on the novel Lord of the Flies by searching for the translation of the name the creature refers to which is Ba’al Zebub which is connected to Beezlebub. It is a god that is mentioned in the Old Testament. He is said to be the demon prince and can bring on a plague of flies, which is what he does in the morgue. In the comic, he has vampire and zombie qualities and apparently was wrapped in barbwire and sealed in a sarcophagus during World War I.

Because of the myths’ connection to the Old Testament, researching them on the internet is somewhat difficult because you’re mostly going to find Christian and Jewish mythology rather then Babylonian which is what Spooks is more based in.

Most of this issue is just the Omega Team shooting the hell out of Lilithu and Ba’al Zebub. Though it’s fun to watch ‘em going at it, it should be noted that it’s a little over the top. In one scene the team is fighting the demons in an orphanage and as the last orphans leave, one of the team members, DX, shows up flying a Little Bird helicopter and starts raking the building with its mini-guns. At a couple points they’re shooting up someone so much that it blasts them through a large hole in the building. So if this were in the real world the U.S. would have to explain why civilians were blasted by thousands of rounds of stray fire in a major city.

I find it very distracting that the leader in Spooks: Omega Team looks like a cross between Marvel’s Nick Fury and Wolverine. There are three gunners in the team who only appear out of nowhere when shooting starts and their personalities are very static and homogenous. One character other then the demons, Bettina Bolo, is fleshed out as she is shown using her ability to translate languages in the opening scene and seems to have developed some sort of psychic connection to Lilithu as Bolo sees into the Babylonian past.

For all of my gripes about character development, I liked this book. It’s a lot of shoot ‘em up fun.

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