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Zombie Tales: The War at Home

Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2008
By: Robert Greene

Joe R. Lansdale
Eduardo Barreto
BOOM! Studios
Plot: The story follows a group of wounded war veterans and the only remaining nurse, who shows a brow raising amount of cleavage, as they try to escape from a zombie infested hospital with their lives. This is all I got from this story.

Comments: I have seen the top of the mountain and it is painstakingly unbearable. The opening starts off weak, as it resembles 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead, but has little payoff when it comes to the seemingly predictable twist of zombies being in the hospital. The plot is unsalvageable within the first five pages. The story tries to save itself by distracting the audience with an unnecessary amount of gore. It's not enough to hide the shaky dialogue and characters that are flatter than the flat Earth theory.

I support war veterans, especially veterans who are multiple amputees. I have yet to meet any who fight zombies but I can say that this comic is a clear misrepresentation of both. Aside from the vets, you will find every cliché zombie character featured in this gem of a comic. From zombie boy scouts to an ice cream man who's best line in the entire story is, "I don't think these guys want ice cream," before getting eating alive in the middle of the street.

I am still dumbfounded on how the zombies can sniff out their prey, despite the fact that they are dead and, hence, unable to breath. After seeing this, I pretty much lost faith in this story making any sort of sense.

The explanation of the zombies themselves is even more ridiculous then the story that is presented to us. The claim is made that the zombies rising from the grave is due to the experimental sexually transmitted disease brewed up by the government. I will say that again. The government made a infectious STD that kills people and turns them into zombies. This leaves me pondering my suspension of disbelief on how someone from the government actually green lit a project like that. "My's so crazy it just might work," must have been the words.

This was a tough read, it took all of my strength to get through the entire issue. The narration leads audiences by the hand and fails to entice any sort of excitement. The writing portrays the characters as cliché as they come. I honestly think that this idea was conjured up using a crappy formula. One part zombie infested hospital, two parts wounded war veterans fighting their way out, equals a failed zombie comic that’s premise dances on the border of being politically incorrect. If it had been done intentionally then it could have shaped up to be a grindhouse style comic. Sadly, this carries itself in a more serious tone causing the springboard for this story to crash before take off.

Final Word: Remember kids, unsafe sex will lead to the walking dead! If Trojan condoms sponsored a Zombie Tales, you would get this unsatisfying comic. Avoid this issue like your would any STD.

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