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X-Force #8

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
By: Steven M. Bari

Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Mike Choi, Sonia Oback (colors)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: X-Force #8 arrives in stores tomorrow, October 29.

Plot: We discover Warpath has an excellent taste in music. The team goes to Tokyo. And the Vanisher gets his ass kicked! Special guest appearances by Domino and a big, scary spirit bear.

Commentary: James Proudstar, Warpath, walks away from the burning hulk of what was once his sweet ride. He replaces his trademark knives into his belt and walks off to face the culprit of this disaster. "I'm coming for you, Gotál," he declares.

To the Wikipedia! Gotál, Gotál, Gotál… Aha!
Gotals were a species of tall, hairy humanoid sentients native to the moon Antar 4…
Damn you, Wookieepedia! Okay, let's try Google. Gotál, Gotál, Gotál… Ahh
American Indian Religious Tradition by Suzanne J. Crawford: "The girls' puberty ceremony, or Isanaklesh Gotal, celebrates and honors young women's lives. To the Apache, it is a celebration of the female deity 'Isanaklesh.'"
So, Warpath is possibly after a female deity--or an institutionalized celebration of womanhood. Or George Lucas. In any case, someone has totaled his pickup truck, and only writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost know who did it.

X-Force #8 takes a decidedly lighter tone than the heavy religious and moral quandaries of the previous issues, but maintains its violent sensibilities. Enveloped in the Darwinist rage of Apocalypse's technology, Warren Worthington III, the Archangel, descends upon a supposed sniper. "Hsss!! You're Dead, do you hear me?!" The lone gunwoman produces a handgun. "I hear you," she says. "The question is, do you hear me?" With the gun's shaft in his mouth, Warren mumbles in surprise, "O-m-n-o?" Domino smiles gleefully, keeping the gun in his mouth. "Hi."

Choi and Oback do a successful job in visualizing this jollier tone. After the team brutally beats the Vanisher, Elixir heals his bloody body and leaves a nasty little surprise. Following Domino's advice, the Vanisher goes to see his doctor. In a vertical panel that runs ¾ of the page, he sits disinterestedly in the examination room. A series of four panels run the length of vertical panel, gradually showing that entire hospital staff is looking at his X-rays. The Vanisher becomes more and more tense in each panel, till finally the room is full of doctors and orderlies taking his picture. The last panel on the page is culminates with a tight shot of him screaming, "Should I be worried?"

As a fan of the first volume of X-Force, I'm glad to see Domino is back. So far the creative team is using her as comic relief, and given the intense angst of nearly every member of the team, she's welcome.

Final Word: Same gore you love with some light-hearted fun.

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