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Odd Squad #3

Posted: Thursday, November 6, 2008
By: Robert Greene

Nick Capetanakis & Todd Livingston
Brian Fraim & Brendon Fraim, Matt Webb (c)
Devil's Due Publishing
Plot: Bring a fresh change of clothes as Nick Capetanakis and Todd Livingston lead us down a backwards trail of mystery and monsters in The Odd Squad. The story continues for the team as they are hot on the trail of the strange radiation that is turning ordinary citizens into common animals. With Agent Flood rapidly turning into a shrub, the group must find out what is causing this fiasco quickly before they meet the same fate.

Comments: With each issue that I pick up I am more and more enticed into this series. The jokes are strong enough to stand on their own and it's nice to see that this comic does not rely on the crutch of slap stick to get its laughs across. The situations that our characters stumble into are proof enough that apocalypse can be a hilarious experience.

More is seen of Agent Flood in this issue. For those of you who are not familiar with Flood here is a cliff note for you. Take a copy of Agent Mulder, remove his fascination on the unknown, aliens and the supernatural. Insert a rod up his ass and -- tada! -- you have Flood. For someone who was turning into a walking bush throughout the issue it was nice surprise to witness his character undergo a turning point and start to buy into Charlotte's theories. Things get complicated as his point of views start to change, it now seems that the government has heard Agent Flood’s previous comments about the squad and has now instated Flood with the task of making sure Charlotte's mission does not succeed.

Sure, the characters at first glance may not be something to write hime about. A ditzy blonde, a MIT teaching assistant, a second rate psychic, all under the watch full eyes of a bland yet stubborn government agent and their UFO skeptic boss. With that aside, their dialogue alone makes them stand out. Our sexual deviant of a psychic, Christopher Apollo steals the show in this issue. His so called “gift” of clairvoyance is usually just stating the obvious while trying to mack on the nearest honey. Overall each character is well defined in their mannerisms and continue to make the audience laugh every chance they get.

One of the best things this issue hands us is the back story of Charlotte's foster parents. Taking place in 1984, we follow a young Charlotte as she starts living with her new parents. Something is off with them from the get go. Sleeping in mechanical tubes, their fascination with star charts and robotic dialogue lead us to believe that these are the same aliens who abducted her and blessed her with that mystical tramp stamp everyone seems to be blabbing about. Since it’s presented ever so clearly that these foster parents are aliens, the question is what exactly do they have planed for Charlotte? Do they have a hand in what is happening to all these people on earth?

The end of the story seems to wrap everything up while leaving us clues to their next adventure as they discover a piece of alien cloth that has the same identical symbol as Charlotte's tattoo.

Final Word: An absolute hilarious read. Pick this title up if you get the chance. A light hearted X-Files with a touch of an ABC sitcom. I hereby deem The Odd Squad worth the time of any turn of the mill comic reader.

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