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Savage Dragon #140

Posted: Monday, November 17, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen
Image Comics
Plot: Solar Man is out of control, and it's going to take more Image star players than Dragon to bring him in. How about Spawn, Witchblade, Shadowhawk and Invincible, to start?

Comments: Larsen brings his A-game to the art chores this month, striving to show off his guest stars at their best I warrant. The blacks are deep and rich, the lines are nimble and precise, and the sketchiness that sometimes besets this title is largely absent.

This is a deadly serious issue, with a tragedy rolled in, but Larsen finds time to check in on his ongoing threads: She-Dragon is still a prisoner, and the Dragon's son (the one who lived, from some alternate universe or another) is still fighting to get back home.

We get various explanations as to why Solar (yes, definitely another evil version of Superman, this one almost a doppelganger save for coloring) is such a loony tunes, but none of them justify his actions. As Rex Dexter puts it succinctly, he's killing "all criminals from killers to pickpockets." Rex has previously plead with Solar Man not to execute the very innocent (to those who saw past her spiky appearance) Horridus (formerly of Freak Force), and he teams up with Shadowhawk to break into his sanctum and find a weakness.

Meanwhile, Spawn is on the ropes, with Witchblade leaping to his aid, and Dragon teamed with Invincible to put a final stop to Solar Man. Since his powers are in the Mighty Man range, it looks like our heroes have little besides their indignation in their arsenal against the creep. Rex and Shadow are beset by Solarbots when they break in, but those never give anyone much trouble.

I'm not too sure how all this will play out; probably with a kryptonite-analog to take down the crazed superman. But it is fun to see Image's major players overlap, treating each other like professionals and forming (at least for these few issues) a kind of Image League of superstars. Let's hope they take some lessons from the other Leagues, and start cooperating in the service of their common goal.

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