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She-Hulk #37

Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2009
By: Christopher Power

Peter David
Steve Scott (p), Vicente Cifuentes (i)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: She-Hulk #37 arrives in stores tomorrow, January 28.

Man-elephant? Really? Peter David put Man-elephant in a book? This guy is my personal hero! But seriously, what is this book really like?

One of the problems of doing big things in comic books is that you have to clean up after you do them. David is stuck with the problem of having She-Hulk overthrow a world government, and the inevitable question: what now for Shulkie?

Well, it seems that she is very very popular. This shift leads to many changes in She-Hulk's life that you can read about, but the really interesting part is that David manages to tie together many of the elements of She-Hulk's past, in particular the stories from just before "World War Hulk," with the people that he has established. Jazinda is not some separate part of the story, she is integrated into the story, along with former friends such as the Two-Gun Kid. This is something that I can really dig, because I find that too often writers move on in a story and leave established landmarks--be they characters or places--behind.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The story is fairly simple and straight forward, with much of it committed to talking about the last several issues of events and the impact they have had on Earth. This is all very good, and it is interspersed with a decent set of action sequences that leave you wondering what is going on. However, for some reason it just was not compelling. I had trouble keeping focused on what was going on. This is perhaps because there were jumps from the present to the past. Perhaps it is because of the shock of seeing Man-elephant.

I have no major complaints about this book and where it is going, but I cannot bring myself to rave about it. It is a fairly straight-forward story, and enjoyable, and really what more do you need?

A final note: the imagery on Man-elephant was amazingly fun.

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