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Final Crisis: Revelations #5

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2009
By: Erik Norris

Greg Rucka
Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion (i), Nei Ruffino (c)
DC Comics
The same week we get the conclusion to the often delayed Final Crisis we get the finale to one of its few tie-in series, Final Crisis: Revelations. I'm happy to report the book stayed enjoyable throughout all five of its issues. Revelations has the been a fantastic extension of Greg Rucka's master plan for both Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen and it's been a pleasure to see the latest phase of their overarching story take place over the landscape of Final Crisis. It's done a great job of giving a grand sense of scope to the entire project-- fitting because it's dealing with gods and faith which play into the overall themes of the Final Crisis event.

Rucka has done a marvelous job incorporating religion into this series by the way--speaking as a person that isn't religious at all. It was nice to be able to read this series, understand its core mythology, but not be beaten over the head saying one belief structure is correct while another is wrong. And when you're dealing with the DC Universe, anything is possible in the realm of religion.

Revelations also proved to be a story concluding Crispus Allen's struggle with self-discovery in the context of the wider DC Universe, inally coming to term with being the God's spirit of vengeance and what it's role truly is. And while the story didn't really evolve Renee Montoya's character, instead using her as a personal connection to Crispus as well as the plot pusher, it was still amazing to see Rucka work his magic on her once again. He's been the guiding light for these two characters for some time now and any project he gets attached to involving Renee and Crispus in the future will be an instant purchase.

The only shortcoming of Revelations #5 comes from Philip Tan's pencils. Looking back at the first few issues of the series Tan's line work was much sharper and much more detailed. Don't get me wrong here, he is still a phenomenal artist and I'm glad he is getting future high profile DC work, but the final issue of Revelations seems overly muddy, sketchy, and just not as visually stimulating as previous installments. Characters look a lot rougher than before, and the majority of panels lack a background outside of a solid color. And when we do get a background it looks like an outline for building that was suppose to be filled in with more detail at a later date but never was. It could be that Tan was rushed by the time this series was wrapping to meet deadlines so I just hope he's given some solid lea -time from now on because he can produce some amazing art as seen in the first few issues of Revelations.

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