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Secret Six #6

Posted: Monday, February 9, 2009
By: Shawn Hill

Gail Simone
Nicola Scott, Doug Hazelwood (i) and Javi Pina (flashback) and Pete Woods (backup)
Plot: On the road with the Get Out of Hell Free card, the survivors of the deadly trek still have betrayals to endure, and stories to tell along the way.

Comments: This is an Origins & Omens tie-in issue, and we get two origins for the price of one. Well, three if you count Junior. We don't quite find out everything about the stylish Jeannette, but she does clarify Deadshot's presumption that she's a vampire: wrong, she's a banshee. Which explains a lot.

Her origin is one of early Renaissance horrors, and it would be so nice if it made impression on Deadshot, whom she's macking on big-time. Sadly, it doesn't, and Deadshot's insidious lack of self-awareness or humanity is just the latest reversal for this motley crew.

Nicola Scott has more than gotten into the spirit of things on this title, especially with her incredibly grim Junior. What is it about DC and the sagging appendages of evil old ladies lately? Still, she's hardly the only freak show in this grim, insidiously funny title. The tie-in backup story reveals the true mastermind behind most of the team's setbacks on the road, and it's someone with a well-earned grudge. The confusing levels of loyalty and betrayal amongst this group aren't explained, but their formation mostly as goads to the bigger plans of even worse DC villains is.

Jumping from origin to origin to betrayal to setback makes this issue a bit uneven, as one senses Simone had a lot of agendas to fulfill at once, and she doesn't do it seamlessly. But, then, her title characters are full of scars and old resentments and crucibles of terror and patchworks of incomplete healing anyway. She's uncovered a fresh corner of the DC world by exploring the tattered lives of these secondary villains, and it's a consistently intriguing one with all the potential an ongoing series needs.

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