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G.I. JOE #3

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2009
By: Stephen Joyce

Chuck Dixon
Robert Atkins, Clayton Brown (i), Andrew Crossley (c)
IDW Publishing
In the third issue of the relaunched G.I. JOE series we find the JOEs still fighting off Destroís mechanical spider-thingies, and thatís pretty much it. This is not a bad thing, though. This is essentially a classic G.I. JOE story. Itís so classic in fact that itís very similar to Marvelís G.I. JOE #3 from the late Ď80s. Both stories center around robotic invaders of The Pit that were confiscated by the JOEs on a previous mission.

This isnít a bad idea and an update version of the story plays out very well. Itís very entertaining and shows off the team working together in a battle. The characters behave as you would expect them to. The only gripes I might have are first, the story doesnít move the plot along very much, except for the one page of dialogue between Baroness and Destro. Second, Snake Eyes is on the main cover (Cover A), but is nowhere to be found within the issue. IDW needs to stop featuring characters on covers and not delivering! This is twice theyíve gotten us with this tactic.

Still, even these small gripe can be ignored, because the issue is really enjoyable. Chuck Dixon knows these characters and has found their voices. Even with so little plot progression the characters get to show off who they are. Beachheadís appearance in this issue was handled wonderfully. He felt like the same character I remembered. I also enjoyed Rock ĎN Roll singing in the middle of a battle. These characters are just classics!

Robert Atkins is still doing a great job on this book. The arts not doing anything new or awe inspiring -- it just works for the series. Every character is easily recognizable and that counts for a lot with this series especially. Atkinsí art style is exactly what I like to see in a comic book; not too realistic, but not too cartoony either.

Final Word: Basically, this book is great. The relaunch has been handled perfectly and I recommend picking this up. Itís still early in the series, so there is no trouble jumping on board. If you enjoy good stories with strong characters this is a perfect book for you.

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