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Take a Chance #3

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2009
By: Ray Tate

C.E. Murphy
Adrian Syaf, Jason Embury (c)
Dabel Brothers
What the--didn't I just review this? Okay. Clearly the shipping schedule ran into a snafu, and Dabel Brothers are trying to catch up. Anyways, this issue of Take a Chance picks up where the last left off. Chance is trying to track down the drug dealer who ruined a young lady's life. In this issue she finds her and defeats her, but neither in the way you expect.

Murphy opens the book by revisiting a character in the premiere. The electrically charged chap that Chance nicknames Tazer runs into too many plug-uglies. Fortunately for him, Chance needs one of those thugs for information, and she intervenes in a spectacular display of street fighting.

Murphy balances the portrayal of Chance. On one side of the coin, she's fast, has muscle and in Syaf's excellently choreographed strip of martial arts knows how to use them. On the flip side, she experiences fatigue like every non-powered character should. Fatigue results from a build up of poisons in the muscles. It's a natural phenomenon.

Chance's aid of Tazer concludes with a playful, sexy interlude that's contrasted by the way she behaves later toward her cop friend Alex. The difference is that her flirting with Tazer means nothing, and of course, she admits to having more confidence when wearing the mask. When she confronts Alex, she's simply Frankie Kemp, a woman who would just love to give in to her vulnerability but is driven by the death of her son.

The police arrested Frankie last issue after she attempted to infiltrate China White's drug dealing gang of supers. This issue, the repercussions of that arrest provide the plot impetus. While Frankie tracks down China White, others track her down. The foray outside of the typical super-hero formula leads naturally but unexpectedly to an explosive finale.

Well, I certainly didn't expect this issue to arrive so soon, but why look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when it's Take a Chance, C. E. Murphy's worthy addition to the subgenre of female vigilantes.

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