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Sonic Universe #1

Posted: Monday, March 23, 2009
By: Penny Kenny

Ian Flynn
Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash (i), Jason Jensen (c), Teresa Davidson (l)
Archie Comics
ďLiving WeaponsĒ

Shadow and Metal Sonic continue their battle across dimensions, arriving on the world of Princess Blaze the cat.

And...thatís pretty much it. This issue is divided between flashbacks that explain the connection between Blaze and Sonic and scenes of Shadow and Metal Sonic going at it. Thatís not to say it isnít entertaining. Blazeís boastful, somewhat annoying companion Marine the Raccoon makes an excellent comic relief character, playing well off the more dour Shadow. The feisty, loyal Blaze has some great moments as she takes on Metal Sonic to save her people and the scene between Shadow and Metal Sonic in which Shadow tries to convince Metal to renounce his allegiance to Robotnik has an emotional punch to it that reminds me of a similar scene in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

The art team of Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jason Jensen, and Teresa Davidson do a beautiful job. The main characters are identified by obvious, but not obtrusive, name blocks--extremely helpful for new readers, but Iím assuming somewhat annoying to design a panel around--and the action is clear and easy to follow. The figures are big, another reader friendly attribute, and the colors are bright and engaging.

Still, fans who has been following the regular Sonic comic will probably enjoy this book more than someone who walks into it cold, picking it up because it has a #1 on it. Though it is new-reader friendly, it still feels as if itís the last part of a story rather than the beginning of something new.

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