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Glamourpuss #6

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009
By: Steven M. Bari

Dave Sim
Dave Sim
Aardvark-Vanaheim Comics
Plot: Pretty much the same thing Dave Sim does every two months--document the history of photo-realism in comic strips and commercial illustrations, and parody womenís fashion magazines.

Commentary: Moving past the whole ďis this meant to be offensive to women?Ē or not discussion, Glamourpuss #6 is only a slightly satisfying, three dollar comic. Previously, I found the series to be informative, interesting and funny. This issue is a miss.

Simís historical account and explanation of the photo-realistic style is hard to follow due to his prose and layout. Sim is a good writer, but he is in desperate need of some editorial input for construction. Case in point: He stops mid-explanation and ends the issue because he ran out of space. Thatís not a cliffhanger. Thatís frustrating. Especially when Iím interested to know what heís discussingóphoto-realismís marketability in commercial illustration as opposed to cartoon realism. I kind of wish he didnít do the whole ďmock magĒ pages and just focus on the history of the style heís working in.

That brings me to his layout. I have difficulty finding which paragraph is laid out to succeed the next, as they are dispersed incongruously beside his traced reprints of old strips and photographs. I spend more time figuring out how to read the page than enjoying what Iím reading.

Yet, Simís photo-realistic style is really improving. If anything is truly exciting about this series it is watching the development of a skilled artist in a new style. So if you have been following along, buy this issue. If youíre looking for a jumping on point, try issue # 1.

Final Word : Maybe this will read better in trade. Har! Har!

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