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Amber Atoms #3

Posted: Saturday, May 2, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Kelly Yates
Kelly Yates, Michael E. Wiggam (c)
Image Comics
In this issue, the election for President of the Galactic Council has been decided and the inauguration doesn't go quite as planned. The repercussions of last issue's hostage situation play out resulting in Amber and one of her new found friends rocketing off to find the culprits.

The art's once again the greatest asset to Amber Atoms. Yates introduces new aliens this issue, and they're just as cleverly designed as the others that have graced the pages. The alien reporter evinces a sense of humor in his choice of wardrobe and the visual characterization of the entire cast exhibits extraordinary skill. How I wish the written characterization matched the artwork.

When Armstrong gives Amber his coat, he's either being incredibly stupid or extremely clever. However, Amber's reaction upon discovering what's in the coat either makes her amazingly lucky or astoundingly dense. Either she's thick for not connecting the treasure in the coat to Armstrong's ploy, if that, or she's simply blessed that Armstrong is so lack-witted.

Neither of the choices is particularly endearing. The consequences could have been avoided had Yates simply indicated that Amber had concluded Armstrong purposely left her something to find. Such a change would have made Amber smarter and more likeable due to the reflection of seeing kindness in Armstrong's actions, regardless of Armstrong's actual intent.

I keep trying to like Amber Atoms, but I can't work up any enthusiasm over the book. The art is wondrous in terms of technique and imagination, but the story and the characters leave me cold.

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