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GI JOE: Origins #3

Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009
By: Karyn Pinter

Larry Hama
Mike Hawthorne (p,i,c) Erik Swanson (c) Neil Uyetake (l)
IDW Publishing
The big guns are rolled out as Heavy Duty, Rock 'n' Roll, and Breaker join the crew. Itís nice to see some more original faces because so far weíve been stuck with Duke, Scarlet and Snake Eyes. Heavy Duty surprisingly looks like Roadblock, so thereís some character blending going on. I guess the comic isnít big enough for the two of them, although I think it would have been better to have Roadblock since he was introduced first in the GI JOE timeline.

This series is getting better. I wasnít too keen on the first issue, but now itís starting to look like Hamaís 1980s GI JOE. Some things are a little hard to swallow, like Snake Eyesí accident and how itís been rewritten from his original helicopter crash. Itís been hard to break away from what weíve all been told about our beloved GI JOE--a cold turkey disconnection--but thanks to some valiant efforts things are brightening up. I think this is the best issue of GI JOE Origins yet. Iím really starting to like this new bad guy, Chimera--heís got balls, which as we know not many of the villains in GI JOE have. He shoots people who talk back and kidnaps governorsí daughters. At first, I thought this Chimera guy may end up being Cobra Commander, but now it seems he is just the introductory antagonist who brings the Joes together. The GI JOE team tracks Chimera to the Nevada desert where they discover his underground compound. Now, since this is the early days of GI JOE in this issue, there is no Pit..yet. I have a feeling we were just introduced to the future HQ, which is pretty cool. What better why to obtain a super secret hideout than to beat the living hell out of the guy who owns it and take it from him?

Larry Hama is back in the game with issue #3 and now Iím kind of glad the series has been given the go ahead for extension. Although things have been changed and updated for the new generation, this has a good GI JOE feeling. There are no goofy uniforms yet, but thereís still time to add those. The remaining issues should be good and letís hope the creative crew keeps reintroducing our favorite characters.

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