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Marvel Adventures Avengers #36

Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Paul Tobin
Jacopo Camagni, S0t0c0lor (c)
Marvel Comics
"Which Wish"

I'm not just bestowing Marvel Adventures Avengers five bullets solely because of Tigra. Don't get me wrong. Jocopo Camagni and Sotocolor make Tigra, my favorite Marvel character, genuinely super sexy, bouncy (as in on the balls of her feet) and fun. Her face wrinkles, worries, and wonders through a gamut of expressions. In short Camagni helps make Marvel Adventures Avengers the only place where a fan can encounter the bona fide Tigra.

Paul Tobin's story is Tigracentric, but not in the way you may think. Tobin has our were-woman display the expertise and know-how she always had until recently. The tale posits Tigra finding a genie imprisoned in an amulet. Naturally she gets three wishes, but she isn't happy with the prospect. Tigra doesn't live in a vacuum. She has read the The Monkey's Paw and all sorts of legends dealing with genies giving credence to the old adage, "be careful what you wish for."

The genie isn't really as interested as tricking Tigra as much as he's bent on revenge against one of the Avengers. The vengeance really starts the ball rolling and Tobin cleverly laces into the tale an element of time travel that feels like it's necessary, works well in the context of the tale, and makes sense.

The rest of the team assemble to keep their fellow member from being genie-fried and mitigate the potential loss of life from a major battle. Tobin again provides perfect characterization for Spidey, Wolverine, Bruce Banner, Iron Man, Storm and Cap. He evolves for each a distinctive personality that generates friction without losing sight of the camaraderie. Camagni compliments Tobin's writing with unique body language that facilitates the characterization. For instance, Storm always issues a regal composure. Spidey acts agile, and Wolverine behaves as if he's always the life of the party. In addition, a running gag gains steam through Camagni's running facial expressions.

Marvel Adventures Avengersis easily the best Avengers book on the shelves. The team act like heroes, solve problems through an expert use of their powers, proficiency and acumens. Rather than in-fight, the team seem to revel in their differences.

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