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Titanium Rain #1

Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2009
By: Andre Lamar

Josh Finney
Finney & Rocha; Whitehouse, Scull, Taylor, & Fowler (faces)
Archaia Studio Press
EDITOR's NOTE: Titanium Rain #1 is in this month's Previews and is available for pre-order.

“Phoenix Rising”

The year is 2031 and United States soldiers are pinned down by heavy machinery in China. These soldiers need help from the Phoenix Squadron.

Titanium Rain takes place in China in which a global conflict requires the assistance of the Phoenix Squadron, the United States Air Force’s elite flight team. The members of the Phoenix Squadron are part man and machine, in that they have prosthetic eyes and artificially amped oxygen levels. The implantation of such radical technology allows pilots to be more concise and efficient with things, such as pinpointing coordinates while in flight.

John Finney’s writing proved upbeat and intense. The opening scene features a dogfight of U.S. soldiers outflanked by walking tanks. It's chaotic with smoke and debris. It’s reminiscent of a Call of Duty game in which immense activity floods the page.

Josh Finney and Kat Rocha have achieved an unbelievable task in providing photo realistic visuals in Titanium Rain. I haven’t seen such compelling visuals since Billy Tucci’s Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion series. Everything from character designs to backgrounds are arguably perfect and rival that of reality. The art is beyond superior to the extent that it’s scary at times. I swore the characters in this story, on numerous occasions, were actually real men and women trapped between the panels. Rocha and Finney thoroughly distinguished the textures of every object. For instance, the reader can look at a panel and feel the metal beads in their hand from a pilot's dog tag. Not to mention the way in which debris was distributed from a shot up, and shattered, Chinese statue was remarkable.

Bottom line, Titanium Rain is a great story, it captures action and visuals better than any other war story I’ve seen. The pacing of the series is upbeat and held my attention in every panel.

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