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Marvel Adventures Avengers #37

Posted: Saturday, June 20, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Paul Tobin
Dario Brizuela(p), Leonadro Corral(i), S0t0c0lor(c)
Marvel Comics

The All-Winners Squad experiences a temporal shift courtesy of the Puppetmaster. Phil Masters then pits his toys against the Marvel Adventures Avengers, but he does not anticipate some interference from two classic Timely heroes.

The drastic change in the artwork is the first thing any reader will notice. I don't like it. I prefer the styles of Matteo Lolli, Ig Guara and Juan Santacruz. This stuff reminds me of the Poofy-Friends.

Despite harboring a personal distaste for the design, I do recognize the talent. Brizuela's and Corral's skill becomes evident when illustrating the romantic subplot between Cap and his erstwhile partner Golden Girl.

Regardless of the aptitude in the pencils and inks, Sotocolor is way off the game. Whizzer's yellow leotard is too pale, nearly tan. Cap's blues lean more toward green. The flesh-tones waver to waxy yellow. Occasionally, the colorist forgets that Miss America wears tights. It's an unprofessional job.

Tobin's plot depends on some of the wildest straw-grasping I have seen from him. I understand that he was trying to find an imaginative, original way to have the Avengers meet the Invaders, but the execution lacks his usual polish.

Tobin must contrive a means to transport the All-Winners Squad to modern times. He uses Dark Matter. Dark Matter's properties are unknown. I doubt they include opening up time portals, but I cannot prove it.

Tobin earns a pass on the mechanics of the time travel, but the way he places the device into the hands of Phil Masters is too convoluted. The Puppetmaster's rationale for bringing the Invaders into the future is vague at best, and although Tobin characterizes Golden Girl and Miss America as likeable individuals, the latter does not add much to the story. This is a pity. Miss America was one of Marvel's most powerful heroes, second only to Namora when wet. She just seems wasted here.

It saddens me to report that the promise of the cover is not met by the interior. While the art may appeal to some, I can only recommend the book for the subtle romance between Cap and Golden Girl. That's not enough. However, I would suggest that Miss America and Golden Girl stay in the present. This is a different continuity.

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