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Simpsons Super Spectacular #9

Posted: Saturday, July 4, 2009
By: Ray Tate

Batton Lash
Tone Rodriquez, Andrew Pepoy (i), Art Villanueva (c)
Bongo Comics
"The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!" (part 3)

Lindsey Nagle's and Krusty's plans for Radioactive Man stand revealed. Bart responds by taking matters into his own hands.

Batton Lash concludes this slash at Big Two shenanigans with a satisfying finish that demonstrates one of my favorite criticisms about comic books. I have used this particular gross insult in several reviews, and Bart's execution exhibits imagination and energy.

The clever ending takes advantage of the flexible reality of Springfield. The Simpsons universe is a kind of surreal Mayberry where lemonade stands are normal, as are nuclear power plants. At the same time, Lash recognizes legalities of the broader world and finds a simple means to avoid the likely outcome of such impishness.

Tone Rodriquez, Andrew Pepoy and Art Villanueva work over time by providing numerous never before seen denizens of the small town. They combine these figures with familiar faces and transmogrify all in the Matt Groening model for the series.

The artists do not just fill the panels with Radioactive Man speculators. They also amuse through the smug body language of Nagle, living in her dream world, that leads to her harsh comeuppance, accompanied by Krusty's wild takes. They also display Bart's cunning in expressions that create an illusion of three dimensions rather than simple flat cartooning.

"The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!" certainly lives up to its name. Batton Lash and the art team delivered a fascinating story that played with Big Stupid Event conventions and tailored a tale with universal comic book appeal that worked smoothly in the world of The Simpsons.

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