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Invincible #68

Posted: Monday, November 23, 2009
By: Shawn Hill

Robert Kirkman
Ryan Ottley
Image Comics
"Conquest Epilogue"

Plot: A day in the life of Mark aka Invincible. Will the violent tendencies of his people win out? Will Atom Eve still love him tomorrow? Will he survive dinner with her parents?

Comments: Bits and pieces on several fronts in this issue. Mark is mostly recovered from his gruesome injuries, so that when he battles new foe Dinosaurus (a very angry and ecological dinosaur, one who was hoping for an extinction event for humans), his prosthetic casts break off revealing wholly recovered limbs underneath.

That's just the prelude, though, as the big event this issue is dinner with Eve's parents. Who are apparently handfuls, to judge from Eve's anxiety level. Mark finds out when her mother makes inane (and unintentionally insulting) small talk and her dad later takes him aside to apologize for his daughter's lack of virginity. The sexist barrage he unloads about male privilege seems to shrivel Mark's ears, leaving him in stunned silence for the rest of the evening.

The good news is that Oliver is up and around and growing up, with a new costume to match. The bad news is that Conquest was supposed to be dead, but was instead contained clandestinely by Cecil. Only, not so much with the containment part once he wakes up. This is the book for you if a naked old dude hovering in outer space (pondering the fate of our big blue marble) is what you're looking for in a comic. It's certainly a singular image and it doesn't bode well for Mark's future as Conquest flies off.

The other big event of the month is Eve's and Mark's idea of community service. Their superhero business that has been rather rocky on the payment and time-juggling fronts (what with all the unpaid apocalypses that seem inevitable in Mark's life). Mark lets Eve do all the talking, as his grasp of numbers and planning isn't so firm. It seems like they'll need to get it together or lose their client at Stronghold Penitentiary.

Invincible did have a firm grip on Dinosaurus' neck at one point, though, and that was after the creature was revealed as a sort of were-monster who can't control when the demon takes over. Was Mark really going to settle for a final solution before being interrupted? Given that this is a Kirkman comic, I'd have to say yes. And that's pretty scary. All in all, a solid comic with a satisfying spectrum of plot threads unfolding at a brisk pace.

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