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Invincible #70

Posted: Monday, February 22, 2010
By: Shawn Hill

Robert Kirkman
Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn (i)
Image Comics
Plot: The Sequids are back and Mark has had just about enough.

Comments: It's understandable, really, after all Mark has been through. He survived the globe-shaking attacks of Conquest. Eve survived her murder. Their families survived as well and Oliver is actually starting to age more normally.

Things shouldn't have gone to hell so quickly, all over again, so soon. While the Sequids are a fairly derivative foe (basically Starro without the whole cyclopean eye/face thing) Ottley has fun throwing them at everyone and sundry, and the fact that all the other peace-keeping forces have strategies for containing them is a very good sign for how life could be with Mark as Earth's own protector with allies.

Until things go too far and Mark's future becomes a question of destiny, fate, and fatherhood. Is he doomed to follow the violent ways of his paternal race, the Viltrumites, no matter what he does? He's lucky to have Eve at his side and lucky also to have an advisor like Cecil who's smart enough to have a relevant take on what's actually going on. Can he actually be excused, given the heightened circumstances of alien invasion? It seems possible, but whatever the consequences, Mark is feeling how high the stakes have become.

Ottley and Rathburn turn in excellent imagery on page after page, giving the little hive-minded creatures an icky squishines, and putting them in all kinds of semi-aquatic action whether they're glomming onto a victim, being repelled by disruption waves, or crawling into or out of people's mouths (gross!). Mark's disgust at their tactile violations is at least palpably clear!

Remembering the damage one angry Viltrumite caused Earth in the past, I hesitate to imagine the carnage of the impending Viltrumite War. But I'm hooked now, so I won't have to imagine for long. Kirkman shows his usual mastery of subplots, but this minor skirmish is just a windup for the next big pitch.

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