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Daredevil #505

Posted: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston
Marco Checchetto
Marvel Comics
Matt Murdock and the White Tiger travel to the Hand’s headquarters in Japan. Three of the leaders are willing to accept Murdock’s leadership, but young Bakuto objects to a white man and a woman as leaders. Murdock’s plan to turn the Hand into a force for good meets with resistance. The three leaders are secretly making plans of their own. Plans that could be threatened by Bakuto’s arrogance. So they make arrangements to take him out of the picture.

I liked Andy Diggle’s writing on The Losers. I’m confident that he and Johnston can deliver a story about conspiracies, secret personal agendas, and compromised ethics as good as that series. White Tiger plays the role of Murdock’s conscience expressing misgivings about his brutal methods. Murdock is convinced he can still turn this evil organization to good works. It sounds more like a man trying to impose control in his chaotic life. I always liked how Matt would fight to live the way he wanted. Now that his life has fallen apart, he’s focused on a new and, frankly, impossible challenge.

My only complain is the clichéd sexism from Bakuto. I work with some sexist guys and even they don’t say things like “women belong in the kitchen.” It sounds false and forced. We can tell Bakuto is a prick with more original dialogue.

Checchetto’s art is a drastic change from previous issues. It’s fluid, loose, and even bright. It makes Daredevil look and feel more like a superhero comic and not the noir drama it’s been for the last 7 years. The fight scene here is exciting and colorful. The characters look more human and individual than I’ve seen them in the past. I hope the change signals more traditional superhero action in the short term.

To be honest, I know Murdock’s plan to reform the Hand isn’t going to work. The question is how. If the Hand’s leaders are manipulating Murdock in the service of a supernatural being or if they’ve rejoined Baron Strucker and Hydra, then Matt will see his life fall apart all over again. And then he rebuilds. Just like always.

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