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Supergirl #51

Posted: Thursday, March 25, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates
Jamal Ingle, Marc Deering, & Jon Sibal
DC Entertainment
Mon-El rushes to help Superman onboard Braniacís ship. Supergirl tries to organize the Kryptonians against Braniacís robots, but canít get people to follow her. Thereís a brief misunderstanding between Superboy, Supergirl, and Allura thatís quickly resolved. Allura overrides General Zodís authority by releasing the Legion of Super-Heroes.

A lot of stuff happens in this comic--lots of fighting, a typical misunderstanding between heroes, and a change in New Kryptonís leadership. The crossover story is advanced so this isnít just another cheap tie-in. Every event flows naturally into each other. Nothing seems forced or confusing. No complaints about the art. The action moves quickly. The way people are drawn reminds me of Kevin Maguireís work. Overall, this is a solid comic book well worth your time and money.

My only complaint regards Mon-El. The scene where he offers to risk his life to save Supermanís is clichť, but is keeping in his character. Also, if Mon-El isnít Kryptonian, how can the robotsí red sun rays hurting him? That negates his belief that he has an advantage over Brainiac.

Still, not a bad comic. Better than most and a nice continuation of the crossover.

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