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Last Stand of New Krypton #2

Posted: Monday, April 12, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates & James Robinson
Pete Woods & Travis Moore, Walden Wong (i)
DC Entertainment
The Legion team breaks into Brainiacís ship with help from a time-traveling Brainiac 5. Mon-El and Superman face defeat. Sensor Girl reveals her true identity. Kandor is recaptured. But Geenral Zod has a plan.

The big reveal in this issue is that Sensor Girl is really Projectra! Wow! The character I knew nothing about is a completely different character I know nothing about! It would be interesting to see how Projectra duplicated Sensor Girlís powers if we ever saw her use any powers. I guess weíd have to have read that story where Superman traveled into the future and helped the Legion defeat anti-alien prejudice--the one published over two years ago! At least this explains why Sensor Girl wore a full facemask. But it still doesnít explain the boob window.

This issue also raises the question of how Legion founder R.J. Brande could have known when and where Superman and Mon-El would need the Legionís help. I hope this is addressed in a future issue. When the characters are saying things like, ďSomehow he saw this would happen,Ē it doesnít sound mysterious. It just sounds like bad writing.

The story does take a surprising and sinister twist as Brainiac shrinks Kandor down to bottle size again. I honestly didnít expect that. After all the death and destruction, I thought Brainiac was trying to destroy Kandor. But what role does Luthor play? And is General Lane involved? I expected to see him by now. Itís the end of the third act and weíre still missing a major villain. Not to mention Nightwing and Flamebird, two significant supporting characters sidetracked in an unrelated side-plot. Seriously, how great would it be to bring a resurrected alien god into this fight?

In short, this story isnít what I wanted to see. Itís entertaining and move along naturally, but there are a lot of plot points left dangling. Thereís still one more month of Superman comics to address them all. Somehow Iím not optimistic.

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