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Action Comics #888

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Greg Rucka & Eric Trautmann; James Robinson
Pere Perez; Cafu
DC Entertainment
Having accepted that this storyline will not have any impact on “Last Stand of New Krypton,” I can enjoy it for what it is: Superheroes fighting an alien god.

Vohc-the-Breaker, the god who’s possessed Jax-Ur, narrates the story as his newly created Rao marches across Pakistan. Pakistan and India prepare to launch nuclear missiles at the creature if the heroes fail. And it looks like they will. The combined power of the JSA, Wonder Woman, and Flamebird can’t stop the giant. But help arrives in the form of Chris Kent now fully merged with Nightwing.

Just about everything goes right with this comic. There’s a big fight scene with millions of lives at stake. One of the heroes undergoes a major change that will affect his life and those who love him. The artwork’s great. I especially love the horizontal panel layout that helps underscore the tension of the situation. Overall, this is solid work from Rucka, Trautmann, and Perez. I’d like to see more from them in the future.

Can’t say the same about the Captain Atom back-up. The hero rises from defeat by overcoming his self-doubt. Actually, a big ogre tells Cap, “It’s all in you.” He mans up and...punches a woman. This whole Captain Atom story has been a distraction. The sorceress Mirabi hasn’t been seen with General Lane in months. She seems to no longer be a part of his plans. So why are we still following her and her war in this magic realm? And the Captain’s not looking so great either. Why does this story exist? To somehow redeem Captain Atom from his time as Monarch? To set him up in a new series? What, exactly, is the point of this?

Even though this has jack all to do with “Last Stand of New Krypton,” Action Comics remains an entertaining well-rounded comic book. Even the Captain Atom back-up has nice fantasy art.

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