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Adventure Comics #10

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates & James Robinson; Eric Trautmann
Travis Moore & Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira & Eber Ferreira (i); Pier Gallo
DC Entertainment
Things get worse for our heroes. Although Superman is saved from Brainiac’s latest attack, Mon-El is trapped, and Superboy is shrunken and dropped into Kandor. General Zod had prepared for a crisis like this--he’s developed technology allowing he and a hand picked team of soldiers to escape the bottle, regain their powers, and fight Brainiac. Meanwhile, on Earth, Car-Vex’s secret is exposed by General Lane. Her story comes to an end. Stay tuned for War of the Superman #0!

Wait, another crossover? We’ve been reading these “New Krypton” stories for over a year, and there’s another Super crossover on the way? And it looks like that’s where the General Lane/7734 plot will wrap up. “Last Stand of New Krypton” is half over, and Lane has yet to join the fight. That’s a shame because Generals Lane and Zod complement each other well. Both claim to be patriots to their respective peoples. Yet they don’t hesitate to sacrifice, betray, or deceive their followers to achieve their ultimate goal? Even their goals are identical--the death of “the alien.” I’ve been looking forward to a Lane/Zod meeting more than the return of Brainiac. Now I have to keep buying 4 or 5 extra comics a month to see it? Screw you, DC Comics!

The two generals are the stars of this comic. Zod proves that skill and experience can trump superpowers by beating down Superboy. Lane proves how crafty he is by demonstrating how he was playing Car-Vex from the start. Their intelligence, training, and single-minded obsessions make them two dangerous men. With the backing of their respective governments, they threaten the world.

The art in the lead story looks fluid and lifelike, just what I look for in a comic book. The second story looks worse by comparison. The inking is rough and gritty. It fit’s the dark mood of the story, but it makes everything look stiff and flat.

Basically, the main story is advanced a little bit, everyone stays in character, and the bad guys get their turn to shine. Not bad, considering.

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