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Alien Pig Farm 3000

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Todd Farmer, Steve Niles, and Thomas Jane
Don Marquez, Grant Goleash
Raw Studios
Alien Pig Farm 3000 is one of those high-concept stories that seems perfect for a low-budget sci-fi movie. A long-buried alien spaceship is found by moonshiners in Kentucky. It's crew awakens and quickly kills or captures every living they can find. It's up to Johnny Ray to save humanity and the step-sister he's been sleeping with.

Imagine every redneck and hillbilly stereotype you've ever heard of and you'll find it in here. The perpetual drunk who actually cries over the loss of his still; The corrupt, cowardly cop; The quasi-incest love story; A woman yelling, "Mama raised me better n that"; Anal probing; They're all in here. Farmer, Niles & Jane took the idea of "rednecks vs. aliens" and milked it for all it was worth. The result is a fast-paced action comedy with blood, guts, and boobs. It's a simple story, but a lot of fun.

I was most impressed by the artwork. Marquez' style is humorous, but also realistic. The cast look like caricatures of real people instead of purely fictional characters. Even the alien creatures look and feel like something that could exist in the real world. Grant Goleash's coloring adds weight and depth to the art. Together, both men create a living fantasy world.

Alien Pig Farm is a fun story about killing aliens, drinking and a naked girl. It's very easy formula to screw up. Thank God it doesn't.

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