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X-Factor #204

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Peter David
Valentine De Landro, Pat Davidson (i), Jeromy Cox (c)
Marvel Comics
Bolivar Trask has taken command of a military unit and ordered them to kill X-Factor Investigations. Since a direct assault on their headquarters would risk too many civilians, the unit has the Absorbing Man hire X-Factor and lead them into a trap. Meanwhile, Strong Guy is fighting Baron Mordo in South America to rescue Monet and her father. But soldiers arrive and capture the mutant and the magician.

Iíd forgotten how good Peter David is. His plot moves along quickly and even though I havenít read an issue of X-Factor in over a year, I picked up on the plot and status quo quickly. It was also a nice surprise to see Baron Mordo fighting mutant heroes. I canít remember the last time I saw X-Men fighting someone elseís archenemy. In fact, itís rare to see heroes fight other heroesí enemies these days. When was the last time, say, the Fantastic Four fought Magneto? Or Spider-Man take on Loki? Seems like it used to happen more often.

I also like the work of De Landro, Davidson and Cox. Thereís an earthy realism to their work that gives the story a serious tone. The subtle expressions of the faces really convey the charactersí unspoken messages. It also makes the violence more real and thus more tragic. When Strong Guy went down, I really felt sorry for him.

The only plot hole I found was how Bolivar Trask gained this position of power? Heís been dead for years. Now heís back and holding a government position with authority over the military? Howíd that happen so quickly? Iím also bothered by the levity in this comic. The jokes and snaky comments donít fit with the otherwise serious tone. I mean, we have a future cyborg commanding his undead puppet to send troops to murder mutants who were hired a man who gained superpowers by eating a magic herb. Plus the wizard fight.

Then again, maybe Iíve taking this too seriously.

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