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War of the Supermen #0

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

James Robinson & Sterling Gates
DC Entertainment
For this yearís Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics published a prologue to their upcoming War of the Supermen mini-series. General Zod has become the leader of New Krypton in the wake of Brainiacís attack. Superman attacks him, only to learn heís too late to stop New Kryptonís invasion of Earth. Meanwhile, Lois Lane reviews the events of the past year and gets new info from Jimmy Olsen.

This comic made me realize Iíve wasted the last year reading Superman comics. Sure, some of them were good. But this is the fight Iíve been waiting for ever since New Krypton was created. A battle between super-aliens and paranoid Earthlings? Thatís a no-brainer. Why did we waste our time with the non-adventures of Mon-El, the ďredemptionĒ of Captain Atom, and Last Stand of New Krypton. In fact, since New Krypton survived to attack Earth, it wasnít really their last stand! I envy the people who havenít been reading Superman comics. They learned everything I know, but for free!

On the plus side, General Zod is portrayed as a brilliant and dangerous villain. He took his time earning the trust of Kryptonians to gain this position of power. He took advantage of opportunities to further his agenda. He even used Superman to train his troops to become more dangerous to Earthlings. And Zodís war is not entirely without cause. General Lane has attacked and killed Kryptonians over the months. But even knowing the threat Lane posed to his people, and despite having the power and opportunities to stop him, Zod allowed Lane to escalate tensions into an all-out war. A war that Zod assumes he will win.

Zodís success also reveals Supermanís biggest psychological weakness. Supes doesnít think strategically. Heís about saving today, not planning for tomorrow. But most superheroes are like that, itís their nature. If they devised long-range plans that wouldnít yield results for months or years, their comic books would be dull!

So Earth is about to be invaded by over 90,000 aliens with Supermanís powers. A secret government project has been gathering technology and villains for exactly this threat. The war has begun. What will Superman do?

Iím reading the series to find out. But I just want an ending. I honestly donít care anymore if the story is good or bad. I just wish it was over. And a reader should never feel that way.

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