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Last Stand of New Krypton #3

Posted: Thursday, May 6, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

James Robinson & Sterling Gates
Pete Woods
DC Entertainment
Last Stand of New Krypton ends in an epic style. Brainiacís ship crashes into Kandor! Superman is killed (and gets better)! Luthor is killed, (not really)! Brainaic 5 fights a powerless Zod and loses! (Wait, isnít Brainiac supposed to have a super-strong body? How does a normal Zod kick him down?) Itís the high stakes action and high drama that makes you love comics!

Iím happy to get a satisfying conclusion to this crossover and to the last yearís worth of Superman comics. The Legion completes their mission and saves their future. Mon-El goes where heís always belonged--into comics I donít read. Luthorís capacity for evil and brilliance are confirmed. Superman is once again shown to be a great hero, through his willingness to sacrifice his life to save others, to his adherence to higher morals, and the loyalty he inspires from friends and fellow heroes. There are shocking twists and intriguing cliffhangers. In short, this is a good comic book.

And itís also a relief! Iíve spent the last eight months reading every comic in this ďNew KryptonĒ storyline. Itís been interesting at times, but Iím past my limit on Superman books. It will be nice to put this behind me and...


ďThe war begins?Ē ďPick up Superman: War of the Supermen

Itís not over?!

There's another series?!?!



See you next week.

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