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Supergirl #52

Posted: Thursday, May 6, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates
Ivan Rodriguez
DC Entertainment
Supergirl and Brainiac 5 explore Braniac 1ís ship to find and destroy its power core. Things are tense between the heroes because Brainiac 5 has loved and lost Supergirl in her future. Meanwhile, Luthor avails himself of a bottle city and the captured Reactron.

At this point, weíve seen what Luthor does with the bottle city he steals. But itís not clear what he does with Reactron. Kill him? Rip out his gold Kryptonite heart? Yet another plot point to be resolved in War of the Supermen.

Brainiac 5 is shown to be more emotional and complex than he normally appears. He genuinely loves Supergirl and it breaks his heart he canít tell her. His speech at the end about how Supergirlís friends and family can lie to her and still love her continues her character arc. Supergirl is still a young woman learning the complexities of personal relationships. Her personal and emotional growth has been my favorite part of the series.

On the downside, Brainiac 5 dominates the issue. His narration and internal are the focus of this issue, not the title character. Thatís a major flaw in a comic. But the biggest problem is continuity. I was wondering if Brainiac 5 was referring to his romance with Supergirl from the 1980s. The Legion has been rebooted so many times I canít tell which version is in current continuity. My questions were answered with a caption saying the romance would be explained in Supergirl Annual #2, coming this fall.

Yes, thisall. As in four to seven months from now. The comic is referencing a story that hasnít happened yet. I hate when that happens. It shouldnít happen at all!

So Supergirl continues to be a good comic driven by both crime fighting and characterization. I just might keep reading it after these events end.

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