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War of the Superman #1

Posted: Monday, May 10, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates & James Robinson
James Ingle, Jon Sibal (i)
DC Entertainment

Supermanís fight with Zod, Ursa, and Non continues from issue #0, as does New Kryptonís invasion of Earth. Meanwhile, Supergirl finds out her mother has been hiding and torturing Reactron for months. Reactron reveals Luthor hid a bomb inside of him--a bomb that destroys the entire planet. Only Supergirl and the Kryptonians off-planet survive. And their determination has grown. Meanwhile on Earth, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen assemble allies to expose General Lane.

My only questions is how Supergirl survived an explosion that destroyed an entire planet? Because she was sealed inside a radiation chamber? No other structures survived. Gates and Robinson couldnít think of a better way to get Supergirl off planet?

Besides that, we have a good comic. The destruction of new Krypton was genuinely shocking. Itís also especially tragic after their hard won victory over Brainiac. Others may complain itís another sign of the darkness and violence dominating superhero comics these days. I think itís a genuine tragedy that drives the plot forward. It also adds to the already tragic aspects of the Superman family mythos. Every Kryptonian lost brings their people closer to extinction. The deaths of thousands of people was really the death of an entire race.

Major props to Ingle and Sibal. Their depiction of New Kryptonís destruction is truly epic. The zero-G fight scene is choreographed well. But where they really succeed are the people. The little details on their faces perfectly convey the tragedy and loss in their hearts. Their art style is very similar to Gary Frankís, but with a lighter touch. The frozen tears in Supermanís and Supergirlís eyes already made my list of Best Moments of the Year.

Iím complained about how long this New Krypton saga has lasted and have been itching for an ending. Now Iím hopeful the conclusion to this chapter in Supermanís life will be one of his finest stories.

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