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Adventure Comics #11

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates & James Robinson
Travis Moore & Bernard Chang, Julio Ferreira & Bernard Chang (i)
DC Comics
It’s the final chapter in the life of Mon-El, Plot Point Man! See him resolve lingering plot points from as far back as 2003! Witness his anal retentive continuity repairs! Plus, a bonus story with Brainiac 5 and his evil ancestor that accomplish jack-all!

Mon-El’s only function for the last year has been to advance plotlines involving other people. General Lane’s Human Defense Corps, the Science Police, the secret Legion, all of them were more interesting than Mon-El’s adventures. He was the focus of these stories, yet the least interesting part of them. And that continues here as he plants the seeds for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

His last act is to return to the Phantom Zone so he can come back in the 31st century and do what he was meant to do--take Superboy’s place in the Legion. Except Superboy is already there. So Mon-El goes from being a tool to being completely redundant. Nice.

Reading this comic was a chore. It felt more like a checklist than a story. Every time Mon-El meets someone new, they start narrating. And there’s nothing they tell us that couldn’t have been conveyed through dialogue. It also emphasizes how useless Mon-El is to his won story. If you’ve been following the “New Krypton” saga, you can safely skip this comic. It’s not even a necessary prologue to the new Legion series.

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