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War of the Supermen #2

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Sterling Gates & James Robinson
Eduardo Pansica, Wayne Faucher (i)
DC Comics
The Kryptonian army engages Earthís forces at a station on Mars. Superman and Supergirl try to save lives on both sides, while Zod sends a second army directly to Earth. General Lane responds with Luthorís newest weapon that turns the sun red. Meanwhile, Lois Lane is captured by her sister, Superwoman, and the rest of our heroes attack Laneís base in Mount Rushmore.

Iím a little disappointed that every issue is being drawn by a different art team. I really liked Igleís and Sibalís work from the first issue, and was looking forward to seeing them draw the entire story. Pansicaís and Faucherís isnít bad. Their people are natural and muscular, and the action flows nicely. My only complaint is how Superboy looks like a dumb jock. His mouth curls up into a sneer.

The plot is advancing nicely. We get another shocking twist, the players are coming closer together, and the ending to the Nightwing & Flamebird saga even plays a part in this. It makes me wish all the ďNew KryptonĒ stories moved this quickly.

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