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X-Men: Hellbound #2

Posted: Monday, June 14, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Chris Yost
Harvey Tolibao & Tom Raney, Sandu Florea & Scott Hana (i)
Marvel Comics
In my review of the first issue, I said the drawback of reading a crossover without following the regular series meant missing out on character changes that impact the crossover story. That becomes apparent in this issue, as Gambit reverts back to his Horseman of Death persona from 3 years ago. I thought he’d left that behind him, based on what I’d seen of him in “Utopia X.” And the fact that, you know, he’s with the X-Men again. He’s also displaying some kind of corruption power that turns people evil. I don’t recall any Horseman of Death having that ability. They usually just killed people.

So while Gambit is literally turning his teammates to the dark side and dominating demons just by being mean looking, Pixie is offered a devil’s bargain. The demon lord N’Astirh offers to restore Pixie’s soul and release her if she’ll kill Magik and bring him her Soulsword. Anyone think she’ll take the offer? If you do, then welcome to comic books.

Prediction: Pixie won’t kill Magik, but the temptation to do so will “taint” her soul a little more. Gambit is using his “death powers” to protect his teammates from Limbo’s influence and isn’t as evil as he looks. Because that’s how Gambit works. He acts like the bad guy to help the good guys.

This issue is lots and lots of fighting with a little bit of plot thrown in to set up the ending. It’s not bad, but it feels a little like padding. A quick edit and this three issue mini-series could have become two. Still, it’s not bad. Fans of Pixie might want to pick this up as it’s looking like an important chapter in her life.

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