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Marvel Zombies 5 #4

Posted: Friday, July 2, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Fred Van Lente
Fernando Blanco & Felix Ruiz
Marvel Comics
Aaron Stack, Howard, and Jackie travel to another world to head off a zombie plague. This world is similar to the tech-heavy future of the old mini-series Machine Man 2020. The zombie virus this time is a program designed to turn cybernetic humans into flesh-eating monsters. It’s an interesting twist on the standard zombie outbreak. The virus isn’t magical or even biological in origin. It’s a viral program specifically designed to attack cyborgs as a method of extermination. The premise is good enough to warrant its own series. But each issue has just been a one-off story that references old Marvel comics with the undead.

The pages with future Amadeus Cho are clearly not drawn by the same person who drew the rest of the book. Which is a shame, because I really enjoyed that fluid style. The majority of the comic is drawn with heavy, scratchy inks. It’s like an imitation of the Teddy Kristiansen/Seinkewicz school. But with a more humorous bent. Call it “gritty cartooning,”

Van Lente has basically been having fun with this series and who can blame him? The premise of Marvel Zombies has been run into the ground. They’re not disturbing anymore. We’ve even passed self-parody. It’s now just the creators having fun and not caring about the results. Sometimes that produces great entertainment. But not this time.

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