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X-Factor #206

Posted: Friday, July 2, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Peter David
Valentine De Landro, Pat Davidson (i)
Marvel Comics
Strong Guy, the St. Croix, and Mordo escape troops in South America and teleport to Madrox’s side. Layla and Shatterstar rescue Siryn and also regroup with Madrox. The assembled team faces down Bolivar Trask.

In my review of New Mutants #14, I said the overall tone of “Second Coming” was getting too light for such serious consequences. Characters were making jokes that felt inappropriate. In X-Factor #206, Peter David shows how humor should best be integrated into a serious action story. The humor comes from the characters’ personalities and the tense situations. The jokes don’t feel forced and help lighten the mood without coming off as glib. Such as when Mordo abandons his henchmen to be killed by Trask’s men. Or the cartoon style death of a troop moments after Trask’s suicide. These gags are funny, but also sad.

These last three issues of X-Factor are almost enough to make me a regular reader. These issues have been incredibly entertaining. Based on what I’ve read about the characters in the Marvel Handbook, I’d like to look up the back issues. This series looks like a great blend of comedy, drama, and straight-up super-fighting. I also want to see if Shatterstar is as stupidly awesome as he acts here.

“He’s not big on using brakes.”
“It slows us down. Seems pointless.”

That’s my favorite line of the whole crossover!

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