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Daredevil #508

Posted: Monday, July 26, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Andy Diggle & Antony Johnson
Roberto De La Torre, Matt Hollingsworth (c)
Marvel Comics
Daredevil is at its best when Matt Murdock is at his worst. The best Daredevil. stories have seen Matt either broken, crazy, or just being an asshole. Go back and reread the issues by Frank Miller, Ann Nocenti, and Brian Bendis. You’ll see it’s true. So when Matt took control of the evil ninja cult he’s spent years fighting to turn into a force for justice, only to be corrupted by the evil powers truly running the cult, I knew we were in for a great story.

Matt’s friends have different reactions to his murder of Bullseye. Franklin thinks the Kingpin is manipulating events. Becky thinks Matt’s finally lost his mind. Dakota North agrees, but knows they’ll take him back anyway. Meanwhile, Matt continues to lead the Hand in a campaign of terror to keep Hell’s kitchen crime free. He also seems to be suffering from a personality disorder. Could we see the return of Mike Murdock, his imaginary twin brother?

The art on this issue is fantastic! Credit must be shared between De La Torre and Hollingsworth. De La Torres’ figures are fluid when they’re in motion. People look just as compelling when they’re sitting still and talking. The body language says so much. It’s great to see Hollingsworth return to the series. His dark palette complements the gritty backgrounds.

The comic works as a whole. Character, plot, art, background all come together to create a nearly-perfect story. “Shadowland’ #1 delivered a shock, and Daredevil follows the emotional fallout. I am confident that this crossover will be remembered as one of the all-time classic Daredevil stories.

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