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So... Buttons #2

Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2010
By: Jason Sacks

Jonathan Baylis
T.J. Kirsch, Tim Ogline, David Beyer Jr.
Jonathan Baylis
The second issue of So... Buttons is a more interesting and entertaining package than issue #1, which was also pretty terrific. Jonathan Baylis seems to be working more closely with his artists to create comics that work not just like stories that a friend might tell you while you're having a few drinks together, but as comics that really exploit the comics page.

The best story in this issue is illustrated by Tim Ogline and is about a trip that Jonathan and his uncle take to an aircraft carrier where the brother experienced a terrible accident. Ogline and Baylis create a really clever story through use of repeated images, empathic coloring and smart use of space.

There are a bunch of pages in this issue that just stick with me. The scene of the uncle walking down the stairs on the ship, as his mind seems caught in sad reminiscence, is really simple and moving. The scene of the accident is a wordless tragedy that seems to howl despite its silence. And the final page brings a sense of closure to the story that left a smile on my face.

The other stories in this issue are more like anecdotes but are still fun. Baylis makes fun of his decision making in one story when he tells the story of how he almost missed his own wedding. He also throws in a story of a time he made a fool of himself in front of his wife (I see a theme here!), and nice tributes to Forrest Ackerman and John Lennon. The art in the latter two stories especially works well for the stories, with a nice eye for the small gesture.

This is a great little comic that I'm really glad I read.

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