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Magnus, Robot Fighter #2

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Jim Shooter
Bill Reinhold & Mike Manley, Wes Dzioba (c)
Dark Horse Comics
This is turning out way better than the Doctor Solar revival.

Magnus escapes from a giant cyborg working for the gang using robots to commit crimes. He follows Leeja's homing device to an abandoned prison where she's being sold in a slave ring. Meanwhile, a man-eating alien arrives to pick up a new group of "cattle. Naturally, Magnus saves the day by beating up a lot of people. And we learn the secret sponsor of the robot gang.

I am loving this series! This is some old school comic book action. Fighting! Aliens! Cyborgs! Half-naked women! Shooter delivers straight up sci-fi action with human drama. Leeja's arrogance almost leads to Magnus' death. Magnus may be starting a relationship with another girl. Senator Clane reveals his robot racism. There is literally something interesting on every page. And thanks to Reinhold and Manley, it looks interesting too. The inks are sharp, the panels are packed with details without being crowded, and the motion are fluid. And don't forget the coloring of Wes Dzioba. It looks like he did the comic in colored pencils, giving it a look and feel that sets it apart from other series. It feels old fashioned and natural.

My only complaint about this particular issue is that Magnus doesn't actually fight any robots. He fights a human with cyborg implants and a hungry alien. Which is almost as good.

This comic was exciting, sexy, shocking, and a little funny. It had everything. Bottom line: Magnus is worth $3.50 an issue. It's worth reading. It's worth buying. I'm pumped up just thinking about it!

Magnus, Robot Fighter more than a man in a skirt punching robots.

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