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Daredevil #511

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Andy Diggle
Roberto De La Torre, Matt Hollingsworth (c)
Marvel Comics
Hell literally breaks loose in Hell's Kitchen as citizens riot and commit random acts of violence. Dakota North fights her way through to find Becky, who's trapped in her office building when it catches fire. Meanwhile, Foggy is so determined to talk to Matt he climbs up the outside of the Shadowland Fortress. But he's met by a cruel White Tiger and a completely possessed Murdock.

For an issue supposedly about random violence, very little actually happens. Dakota punches a few guys. The NYPD goes in to restore law and order. Becky tries to navigate her wheelchair down flights of stairs, and Foggy spends two pages climbing a building. There's very little tension in any of these struggles. This issue is literally characters moving, or being moved, into their places for the climax of Shadowland.

The dialogue is nice, but that's all we get, lots and lots of talking. Dakota and Det. Kurtz are talking about Matt's responsibility in creating this chaos while a fight is literally happening all around them. This is a comic book for crying out loud! Let's see someone punching somebody! At least show us the horrible chaos the characters are constantly talking about!

De La Torre's and Hollingsworth's art is great. I just wish they had something more interesting to draw. Bottom line: This issue is just treading water until the next issue and 'Shadowland' #5.

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