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911 heartbreaker

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010
By: Jason Sacks

Craig Staufenberg
Craig Staufenberg
Craig Staufenberg
Craig Staufenberg delivers a thoughtful and passionate look at history and memories in his new short graphic novel, 9/11 heartbreaker.

The rambling story in this tale travels far but always lives, metaphorically, in the same place. Readers follow characters as they travel around New York City and Buffalo, New York, but the book really lives vividly in the memory of its characters. Readers are taken inside the heads of the book's characters as we are given deep access to the innermost thoughts of the people depicted in this story.

The story has a fresh and interesting feel. The stories that surround the events of 9/11 are always interesting and compelling the events of that day remain as vivid in my mind and thoughts as ever.

But equally as interesting is the exploration of the haunted places of the almost lost-seeming city of Buffalo, New York. Staufenberg does a great job of making the lost city feel vivid, exploring the landscape of the town in a way that gives readers a sense of an almost war-wracked town that somehow has been preserved in all its glory, like a latter-day Pompeii.

By the end, the philosophical introspection and haunting feel of the 911 heartbreaker give this tale a very unique feel. I'm really glad I spent some time with this heartbreaker.

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