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Shadowland: After the Fall (one-shot)

Posted: Monday, December 20, 2010
By: Michael Deeley

Antony Johnston
Roberto De La Torre & Marco Checchetto
Marvel Comics
Detective Alex Kurtz and reporter Ben Urich canvass Hellís Kitchen and talk to Foggy Nelson in their search for Matt Murdock. Elektra warns Ben to leave Matt to his fate. Both men conclude that Matt should be left alone to sort out his life.

Having read the Shadowland mini-series and the Daredevil tie-ins, I found this comic redundant. Those other series already showed us what happened to Matt and we know Black Panther has moved into Hellís Kitchen. This comic offers us no new information. We do see Urich, Kurtz, and Foggy Nelson talking about how Murdock has changed Hellís kitchen, and affected their lives personally. Itís not a bad comic, itís just not very important to the story. The artwork is dark and realistic as befits the tone of the story. The ending was predictable, but the characters arrive at it naturally.

Thereís really not much to say. The story left no major impression on me. Itís really just an epilogue to Shadowland told from the point of view of two minor characters. Kurtz and Urich didnít even appear in the core mini-series. Comics like this are the most difficult to review. Thereís nothing great to recommend it and thereís nothing terrible to criticize. Itís a nicely-drawn, well-written book, but itís not compelling in any way. I imagine this may read better in book form, after one as read every part of the crossover. But if youíre like me and just read the core story, this will feel extraneous.

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