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So Buttons Holiday Special

Posted: Tuesday, December 21, 2010
By: Jason Sacks

Jonathan Baylis
Thomas Boatwright, T.J. Kirsch, Paul Salvi
So Buttons
So… I was looking for a fun little mini-comic that had great stories about Christmas when I remembered that Jonathan Baylis had been nice enough to send the So Buttons Holiday Special to me.

From the cute front cover – look at that cute look on the dog's face – to the charming back cover of an ape fighting Santa Claus that looks like a rejected DC Comics cover from the 1960s – this is a really fun zine.

Readers get two stories inside this issue, and both are short and sweet. The first story is about Baylis's love for King Kong and how he always associates the movie with the holidays. It's a clever little anecdote, nicely illustrated by Thomas Boatwright.

The second story is equally as nice. Artist TJ Kirsch does a great job of bringing to life a story by Jonathan's wife Ophira about Jews at Christmas. The story builds really well and has a clever punch line that gives the story the feeling of an old family story. I just loved the bright and cartoony way that Kirsch illustrates this story.

The whole thing costs a mere $3 with shipping. That's the perfect price for such a light and fun package. Click here for more information.

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