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Witchblade #141

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011
By: Mike Prezzato

Ron Marz, Saurav Mohapatra
Stjepan Sejic
Top Cow
The ghastly death of a hotel attendant puts Sara and Patrick on the case and face to face with a seemingly demonic menace. But everything's not as simple as that..

In Witchblade #140, we saw the lead up to Sara Pezzini's encounter with the a bunch of demonic baddies in a dark alley way, only to discover the real threat was coming from two young siblings and their strange powers. The buildup of that issue explodes here visually, as the grotesque Lovecraftian monsters jump right off the page with help from some brilliant coloring.

This book is kind of like CSI vs. Hell, ever to my delight.

There's a bit of a twisted wink to other horror artists, related to the method the monsters are brought to life. That method, by the way is a real simple and an interesting twist.

All the events here seem to be approached in a very realistic vein, incorporating real-life repercussions to supernatural events. By the end, as with most things, nothing is ever completely over...

I'm also digging the "Previously in Witchblade..." introduction pages. It's a nice jumping-on point for new readers, and kind of gives the book an extra TV crime-drama feel.

Marz and Mohapatra are a solid writing duo, and have been entertaining as ever these last two issues, on a book i never quite had much interest in before. No complaints here.

Sejic's creature illustrations in this issue are sick. The almost-normal, cop-drama vibe of last issue is completely overshadowed by realistic demons running amok. The coloring especially helps brings these nasty ghouls to life.

Very cool two-part story arc. Can't wait to see what this creative team brings next issue.

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