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Li値 Depressed Boy #2

Posted: Tuesday, March 8, 2011
By: Danny Djeljosevic

S. Steven Struble
Sina Grace, S. Steven Struble (c, l)
ADVANCE REVIEW! Li'l Depressed Boy #2 will come out on March 9, 2011

Li値 Depressed Boy is the sort of comic that, six years ago, my generation would have called 兎mo. Nowadays I suppose the operative word is 塗ipster, which is equally ill-defined and even less accurate, because there痴 nothing hip about being depressed.

It痴 also the sort of comic that I wonder how Image decided to publish. Often their output is more high-concept -- even hip stuff like Phonogram and Forgetless. You can see from my rating above that I dig the work, but the production-minded part of me desperately wonders how you pitch 的t痴 about a depressive, man-sized ragdoll who looks a bit like early Allred Madman and meets a cute girl.

And this is why we research: Li値 Depressed Boy is a webcomic, and this print series repackages old strips from the webcomic in full color starting from 展here it started getting good, according to the site. I just read back a few pages from the newest webcomic, and a girl makes a Deadman reference. You win, Li値 Depressed Boy.

The comic is a slice of life sort of thing, but the kind of life I can identify with. Going to shows, readin comics, doing laundry, hanging out with cute girls. I知 not sure if Struble痴 saying anything new about it or if he even cares to, but the story痴 charming, likable and identifiable enough to keep me reading. Sometimes you just wanna read about a sad dude meeting a cute girl and talking about comics.

Said girl, whose name LDB doesn稚 know -- the closest thing the issue has to a conflict -- may prove to be be problematic. As of the first two issues of Li値 Depressed Boy, she痴 a total Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She likes comics! She thinks online gaming takes away a vital in-person social element from the days of offline console gaming! She痴 into the same music as you! It痴 hard not to fall in love with the character if you池e of a certain disposition (e.g., me), but one should also be aware why you池e doing so. I haven稚 read past the material contained in this second issue, so I can稚 really speak to whether she値l always be that way, or if it even matters that she痴 a MPDG.

Sina Grace痴 art is the best part of the book in its stylistically playful expressiveness (I think that covers all the stock phrases I use when writing about comic art). He goes all collage-y for a sequence of characters bowling, and can go from the comic痴 usual grounded-ness to a zombie killing video game chapter pretty smoothly. It痴 easy to get expression out of LDB because of his iconic character design (big round eyes, simple mouth), but Grace handles the regular folk swimmingly, too. Sina Grace is definitely one to watch.

It feels like I知 damning the thing with faint praise, which I suppose I am, but the book is really worth a read if you池e into that kind of story. I, for one, will be adding Li値 Depressed Boy to my ever-expanding collection of webcomic RSS feeds. And I just don稚 add any webcomic to that -- just the good ones.

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