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Amazing Spider-Man #657

Posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2011
By: Travis Walecka

Dan Slott
Marcos Martin, Ty Templeton, Nuno Plati, Stefano Caselli
Yay! Me finally gets to review Amazing Spidey -- and what an honor it is to review such an issue. Dan Slott outdoes his other commemorative issue (#655) transferring the thoughts of “loss,” with the thoughts of “gain.” What thousands of readers of Spider-Man receive is a priceless spectacle of Pete and Johnny’s unparalleled camaraderie.

Slott weaves several anthology bits, exhibiting the brotherhood, the adolescence, and the tomfoolery these two superheroes shared throughout the years. While serving as a great companion piece to his miniseries a few years ago, Slott also goes on to showcase his ability to write a hell of a Fantastic Four. If you haven’t looked at the cover or the credits, one could confuse a little with Jonathan Hickman.

The art marvels despite the use of several different artists and colorists. There’s no surprise that Marcos Martin channels Steve Ditko effortlessly during a humorous camp out that serves as Spidey and Torch’s initial bonding session (er, that didn’t come out right). The bright colors help shy away from the grave reality that this is Peter’s best friend who just passed.

Each presentation, right up to Stefano Caselli’s tale of Torch saving Mr. Fantastic and Spidey far out into the deep cosmos, is delivered with just the right light; they refrain from being overtly camp but also ignore the heavy sorrow displayed in most obituary issues. The same can be said for the writing.

If there is any disappointment that #657 doesn’t continue the epic grandeur of Slott’s current run, hath no fear: with “Infested,” Amazing’s current author is sure to patch every element of his wonderful arc to culminating circumstance. I’m just glad he didn’t overlook honoring Pete’s best friend with such beautiful appropriateness.

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