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Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Lost Suns #1

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2011
By: Christopher Power

Alexander Freed
Dave Ross, George Freeman
Dark Horse
ADVANCE REVIEW! Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Lost Suns #1 will come out on June 8, 2011.

The Old Republic era of Star Wars has captured the minds and hearts of long time fans with the hope of something fresh and new. The concept of a galaxy hundreds of years before the baggage of the Imperial era has its attractions -- the Jedi, playing like knights and wizards of a realm that spans star systems, defending against the Sith, holding black magic at their fingertips. Add in a few compelling characters through two video games, mix in a sociopathic droid, and youíve got a recipe for fun.

Unfortunately, this book cannot live up to that promise. It isnít for lack of trying, or even due to any one particular thing being bad. The book is well-drawn, and the story beats seem to be in the right place. As promised, the writer has dropped in connections to the video games, like the Czerka. So, all of the components of a good comic are there. However, something falls short.

Iíve been trying to put my finger on what the problem is in this book. I think it is that the writer Alexander Freed either chose -- or was mandated -- to put as many bits and pieces from the future video game into this book as possible. There are so many shifts, and so many players in the story, that honestly I havenít a clue what this book is about. I know that there is something going on about some really great Jedi. There is also something going on about a new ship that does some cool stuff, and it somehow fits into a war. Iíll be darned if I could figure out how it all connects though.

I may give this a try again next month. There feels like there is something really good in this book, and I really love the Old Republic universe. Hopefully, the next one will fill in a few gaps in the story that were missing in this one.

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